Dropping the Baggage – Investing in the future

VET is becoming the first choice in Europe. Definitely, there are problems, among which is the fact of students dropping early their studies. Dropping the Baggage has been created in order to reduce the rate of early dropping of VET education, as EU country members strive to provide their citizens the best possible education and training and have established a framework for the exchange of best practices and mutual learning.

Dropping the Baggage – Investing in the future”, an Erasmus+ project, aims to:

  • Empower educators identify and recognise students who are in danger of falling out on vocational education and to train them to develop a personalised approach of those students.
  • Improve students’ 21st century skills in a way that helps them set goals, invest in their future and help them rethink on how they look at themselves.

Dropping the Baggage – Investing in the future” is addressed to:

  • students,
  • VET providers,
  • teachers,
  • job coaches
  • youth workers and
  • other stakeholders who play a role in educating VET students.

Project’s output:  S.C.R.E.A.M.! – method

Investing in the future

S.C.R.E.A.M.! – method focus on how to help VET students drop their baggage through the learning/ educational procedure and invest in their future.

An online guidance manual/webpage will be developed that will focus on how VET providers, project’s target group and the students themselves can change their negative baggage into something positive through the S.C.R.E.A.M.! Method (Strength, Collaboration, Respect, (self)Evaluate, Achieve, Motivate).

Project’s partners

Eight partners consist the partnership, from five EU countries, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Greece and the United Kingdom:

Current phase: Research to VET Teachers and Students

At this phase of the project primary research is being conducted among VET educators and students, in Greece, the Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom as data collection is important for the development of digital tools.

The research aims to record views on issues related to the educational process, the educational environment and educational approaches. The results of the research will be the basis for the development of the S.C.R.E.A.M.! – method and for the training of the trainers on issues related to holistic educational approaches.

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