A few words about Dropping the Baggage – Investing in the future

Do you know how to help your students dropping the baggage and invest in their future? Do you think educators can truly identify and recognise which students are in danger of falling out on vocational education? “Dropping the Baggage – Investing in the future”, project, implemented under the Erasmus+ programme aims to change the approach of learning to a more holistic approach by redrawing the learning paths!

Improving students´ 21st century skills, in a way that will help them set goals, invest in their future and rethink on how they look at themselves can encourage students drop their negative baggage, take ownership of their learning and develop hidden strengths that will help them succeed in working life and in life in general.


The desired impact is reached through inventory, analysis and piloting, develop methodologies and tools that enable teachers, mentors, coaches and students to:

  • recognize, hear and understand the (learning) behaviour of students that are at risk of dropping out or have already dropped out of VET;
  • provide the right kind of attention and support for students that carry negative baggage and help turn the negative into something positive;
  • see, discover and encourage the hidden talents of the students and to help develop them further;
  • recognize and reward positive performance/behaviour in a positive way that motivates the student to carry on this positive behaviour
  • encourage students by using positive peer pressure, learning from/with each other in peer groups;
  • make students aware that they have responsibility for their own commitment, performance and future;
  • create safe surroundings in which students feel comfortable to make mistakes and learn from these mistakes
  • help students become better at verbally describe obstacles they are facing so that teachers can take action earlier and thus helping the student to finalize his/her education

Our aim is to enable educational organisations on local, regional, national and European level to critically analyse how to help VET students drop their baggage and invest in their future by improving students´ 21st century skills.

Target Groups

• students
• VET providers
• VET teachers
• teachers’ assistants
• job coaches
• youth workers
• stakeholders who play a role in educating VET students


• Develop innovative tools that will help teachers encourage students to tackle dropping the baggage, take ownership of their learning and develop hidden strengths

• Change the approach of learning to a more holistic approach in which the social context and the problems the students find themselves is taken into consideration when setting up personal study plans and when setting goals for school performance.

• Change the existing mindsets, ways of educating and teaching and make teachers facilitators of learning in a way that encourages students to open their minds to the way they look at their own role in the learning process.

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