Letting Go of Negative Baggage in Education

Release the weight of negative baggage you carry with you to school and unlock the path to triumph!

That was the main message of the Erasmus+ KA2 project Dropping the Baggage (2020-1-NL01-KA202-064651) Learning, Teaching, Training Activity (LTTA) arranged at Bridgwater & Taunton College in Bridgwater, UK in May 2023.

During the LTTA 17 teachers, coaches, mentors and project workers from UK, the Netherlands, Portugal and Finland got together with a collective goal to exchange knowledge, showcase best practices, and participate in captivating lectures centered around the vital task of supporting educators and students. Together, they delved into the concept of recognizing and overcoming the burdensome and often negative baggage that often hinders students’ success, and at its worst, drives them away from education entirely. During the several workshops the participants were able to unveil transformative strategies that will help become aware and overcome negative baggage. They were also able to take part in team building activities that showed them the power of communication, coaching and teamwork. One of the main aims of the LTTA was to foster self-assurance, ignite collaboration, and nurture a resolute belief in one’s own abilities—a resounding chorus of “I can do this!”

Some of the most enriching moments emerged from the connections made between colleagues representing various organisations, educational sectors and countries. Collaboratively, they tackled complex case studies, united in their quest and willingness to dismantle barriers hindering students’ growth. It was rewarding to see that the participants opened their eyes to the fact that the approach they take when working with students will determine whether students will accumulate further burdens or cast them aside. At the same time the LTTA embraced and opened a newfound openness and hunger for knowledge and self-development. Bound by these shared experiences, lasting bonds took shape, ensuring continued collaboration among the LTTA participants. The seeds of possibility were sown, planting the potential for groundbreaking ventures and innovative projects, all with a singular focus: empowering students to become willing to embrace their true potential and thrive not only academically but in the vast realms of work and life.

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