THE MOM Classroom – A temporary place in the school for drop outs

The Morgen College is convinced that they are partly dealing with a special target group, namely students who exhibit more externalizing behaviour. Due to the fact that educators are regularly shy with regard to the guidance of these students and that they are (temporarily) no longer able to meet the correct educational needs in the regular education staff, the Morgen College has chosen to create a special classroom for those students, named MOM (Morgen op Maat). The MOM has been an important addition to the internal support since November 2019.

The MOM is an internal facility where students with behavioral problems can be placed temporarily and part-time. The aim of this facility is a successful return to the regular educational setting of the students after a behavioral change. In this way they are able to look at the possibilities instead of the limitations.

This is done by means of structure with parents/carers and, if necessary, the help agencies who are involved, and based on peace, procedures, implementation and proximity of teachers.

Agreements about duration and intensity are made by means of the registration form that has been drawn up, in collaboration with the mentor and parents/guardians. Agreements, goals and educational needs are secured in an Individual plan. If necessary, students were referred to external (temporary) educational facilities and/or other schools. In that case, a PCL consultation will be carried out closely with a behavioral expert from the partnership.

The MOM is occupied by a pedagogical counselor who has knowledge, skills and experience in guiding and coaching students with externalizing behavior and/or another specific need for help.

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